JavaScript Pull-quotes 1.4

I put up a new update to the JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin for WordPress. Version 1.4 includes the much-requested ability to specify a side for a particular pull-quote!

Just do you spans thus:

<span class=”pullquote pqLeft”> or
<span class=”pullquote pqRight”>

There are also a number of under-the-hood improvements to the code, including laying groundwork for planned text-modification features. I also consolidated the files a bit.

Unfortunately WordPress 2.1 completely broke the button in the rich-text post editor, but you can still add the spans manually. Also there is still a button if the rich-text editor is turned off in your User Options.

Also due to certain conflicts in HTML, I have removed the option to use <p> as a container for the pull-quote. As it is, the container you use (<blockquote> or <div>) itself has a paragraph inside it — just FYI for those fiddling with the styles.

Go get it! 🙂

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