Virtual Multiblog 2.2

New version of Virtual Multiblog is up!

Version 2.2 has a number of under the hood changes and bug fixes. It also includes an improved and clarified ReadMe, so if you’ve had problems, give it a look.

NOTE TO UPGRADERS: If you have used a previous version of Virtual Multiblog, be aware that the wp-config.php file has changed — you must replace the one in your main WordPress directory with the new version (included).

Also note — if any of you have been adventurous enough to use the functions in templates and such, there has been a change there as well. Where they were previously called as vmb::function(), they are now called through the $vmb object, like so: $vmb->function(). I’ve tried very hard to make this system “future proof”, and I apologize if this change messes anybody up. I do believe that the new setup is going to remain very stable going forward.

I put a LOT of time into this one, folks. There was actually a version 2.1.2 that I was going to release, but I kept rolling along with “Well, I should fix this too. And I wanted to add that thing. Oh, wait, what about….” And here we are. πŸ™‚

You know, kind of like the just-released WordPress 2.4 2.5. (And yes, the timing relative to that was just a coincidence!)

Go get it!

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3 Responses to Virtual Multiblog 2.2

  1. pozmu says:

    Looks great!
    Much better than using WM-mu for private websites.

  2. pozmu says:

    I think you should stress more security issues related with this plugin. The vhost where WordPress reside shouldn’t be your main vhost and it can not be wildcarded – it shouldn’t respond to or even worse, any request made to your ip address. If it does, you *have* to use advanced setup.

    Thanks again for great plugin πŸ™‚

  3. Strider says:

    Pozmu —

    You caught a bug introduced in v2.2. The system previously used $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] instead of $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], but it was swapped during testing and never changed back.

    I’ve put out a new version 2.2.2 that fixes this. Thanks for the catch!

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