Anti-Spam “Quiz” beta test

In the last couple weeks I have been working on a significant update to Andy Skelton’s Quiz plugin for WordPress. Andy gave me some feedback, which led to further fixes, and I think it’s working pretty well.

As of this morning I have turned off the Spam Karma plugin, which has been protecting this blog from comment spam1 for a few years now. In its place I have activated a beta version of Quiz.

What the plugin does is add a question to the Comments form, which must be answered correctly before a comment is submitted. You can set a default question, set a different question per-post, or choose for a particular post to not have a question.

This is pretty close to a release version, I think, but I would appreciate some feedback from the community. It requires (I think) WordPress 2.5.

You can download it here: Quiz 1.1 beta 5

Note: If you have been using Andy’s version 1.0, the Q&As you have entered previously should still work, but you will have to re-enter your settings on the new admin page (no more editing PHP files). Also, rather than using pseudo-shortcodes, you now enter the Q&A in a regular meta box on the Edit Post screen. If there is demand, I may restore the ability to continue using the shortcode method, but for now it is gone.

[Update: If upgrading from 1.0, you must deactivate it and reactivate once to set the default preferences.]

1: I am, however, still running Bad Behavior as well.
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