JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.0

The pull-quotes plugin has undergone some major rewriting in recent weeks. I released much of that as version 1.7 a few days ago. Over the weekend I added a few features, revamped the Settings interface for WordPress 2.5, gave it a quick rinse and polish, and here it is!

New in v2.0:

  • Rewrote Settings page to WP 2.5 standard
  • New Setting to strip internal links (href=”#id”) from pull-quotes
  • Added “Settings” link to Actions on Plugins screen
  • Strips “a” tags that lack an “href” attribute from pull-quotes
  • Strips “id” and “name” attributes from tags in pull-quotes
  • Improved error correction if Style files go missing (not finished though)
  • BUGFIX: Files starting with “.” should not appear in styles list in Admin
  • Misc. code cleanup

New in v 1.7:

  • BUGFIX: “preview” script is now only added to Pull-Quotes page — used to add to ever admin page (was causing problems when editing posts)
  • Improved security via nonces
  • Changed name of preview script in Admin to avoid potential conflicts
  • Removed “edit CSS” link from Admin. Doesn’t work in WP 2.5
  • Simplified HTML comments on page headers. Blog pages no longer have plugin URL and Admin page no longer has version.
  • Extensive code cleanup and abstraction

I’m very happy with some of the things I figured out along the way to 1.7 and 2.0. I anticipate they will result in one or more tutorials for plugin authors, not to mention one or two submissions to WordPress core software.

In the meantime, for Geeks and Norms alike, the plugin is good to go. 🙂

Go get it!

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