JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin — bugfix version

Several users of my JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin for WordPress have been having strange issues recently — header errors when publishing posts, for example. There have been a number of reports, but I have been unable to reproduce any of these occurrences.

I have, however, been doing a lot of code cleanup recently in anticipation of a new version release. I’m releasing the plugin as it stands now in the hopes that some of the cleanup and normalization I’ve done will fix some of these issues.

There are no new features in this release, which is why I’m calling it a “beta”. Don’t let that tag scare you off though — the code is a lot more tight than in the previous release, I just wanted to add in a couple things before the “final” version 1.7. That will probably come out this weekend or soon after.

So, if things are working great, no worries (though the upgrade certainly won’t hurt anything). If you’ve had issues with this plugin, download the latest and greatest and give it a try.

Go get it!


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