Virtual Multiblog and WordPress 2.6

This is an important note to anyone using my Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress:

WordPress version 2.6 is going to be released very soon. Until I have had time to test Virtual Multiblog on WP 2.6, I recommend that you not upgrade WordPress past 2.5.1.

I’ve always said that the VMB system is quite future-proof, “unless WordPress makes significant changes to wp-config.php”. Well, WP 2.6 allows users to change the location of that critical file, and the wp-content folder. Either one of these changes may have ramifications for Virtual Multiblog.

Hang Tight folks. I’ll test it out and let you know.

if somebody daring does take the plunge, I would appreciate any problem reports. 🙂

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1 Response to Virtual Multiblog and WordPress 2.6

  1. Strider says:

    At first blush it appears that the system will work if you leave wp-config.php and wp-content in their default locations. Still checking….

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