JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.1.1 for WordPress

A new version 2.1.1 is up. Among the changes:

  • Increased efficiency of version checking
  • Fixed a small bug with the admin footer
  • Significant cleanup of Style selection code
  • Moved Default style to resources folder so it can’t be misplaced
  • Significant error checking RE missing or renamed styles
    • If chosen style is missing, falls back to default rather than linking nonexistent file

Two notes if you’re upgrading from an old version:

  1. You may discover that the Styles dropdown in the Settings screen now has two items called “Default”. If so, go into /jspullquotes/styles/ and delete Default.css — you don’t need it anymore.
  2. There has been a change to the way the Style setting is saved. It should auto-update existing settings, but if it doesn’t work you may find that your chosen style has reverted to the default. If so, simply go into settings and re-save with the style you want.

As of 2.1, JavaScript Pull-Quotes is fully compatible with WordPress 2.6.

Go get it!

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