JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.1.2

Version 2.1.2 of my JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin for WordPress is up.

The biggest change from the user end is that localizations (i.e. translations) now work. (The had worked previously, but broke somewhere along the way.) It includes French and Italian translations.

If anyone out there would like to translate the plugin for others who speak that language, see the readme in the “languages” folder, and send it along to me – I’ll include it in the next version. 🙂

Actually, the French and Italian files could probably use some updating too. 😉

Go get it!

Full changelog (for the geeks):
* Fixed design flaw introduced in 2.1.1. Style option now stores file basename relative to styles directory -- should not store full URL if we're going to let user change the directory.
* BUGFIX: Localizations not working. (Incorrect path)
* Localizations (.mo files) will work directly from languages/ folder
* Changed init() to class constructor -- no more hooking "init" action
* Moved activation hook call to constructor
* Minor code cleanup to comply with WP Coding Standards

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