Virtual Multiblog 2.4

Okay, folks. A user pointed out a recent bug that can prevent the VUSER from being determined correctly. It probably accounts for the vast majority of the “This isn’t working” reports we’ve been getting around here lately. Sorry about that.

So, if you’ve been having trouble getting the latest version to work, try version 2.4. It’ll make you smile. 🙂

One more thing — before you upgrade to 2.4, deactivate the Virtual Multiblog Support plugin. In fact, you can delete the thing — it is no longer needed. The system now calls that functionality automatically without the kludge of a separate plugin to hook in to.

One more one more thing — I still haven’t finished testing with WordPress 2.6, but I believe that as long as you don’t relocate wp-config.php or wp-content, it should work without problems.

Go get it!

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4 Responses to Virtual Multiblog 2.4

  1. Kyle Simpson says:

    Just to report… I just upgraded a couple of installations of WordPress from 2.5.1 to 2.6, and from VMB 2.2.2 to 2.4. It seems to work just fine now.

    Only thing to mention is that your readme file in the 2.4 distribution does not account for the lesser step of not having to put the multiblog dir in the plugins folder. You mention that on the post, which is quite helpful, but when I went to review the other steps in the readme, I was confused at first, and didn’t know exactly which of the steps I could skip or not skip.

    Thanks for VMB, it’s wonderful!

  2. Has the testing of VMB 2.4 with WP 2.6 been finished? Have there been any issues found?

  3. Stephen says:

    The only known issue with 2.6 is that you can relocate wp-config.php and wp-content.

    Virtual Multiblog seems to work fine if you move the wp-config up a directory.

    I have not fully tested it with a moved wp-content; but if you haven’t moved that, you should be fine.

    This site is running on WP 2.6 and Virtual Multiblog.

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