Quiz plugin v 1.1

There’s a new version of the Quiz plugin (a.k.a. “Comment Quiz”). The plugin requires commenters to answer a question before the comment is posted.

Significant improvements in 1.1, including a native meta box in the edit post/page screen, and the ability to have more than one acceptable answers to a question.

Check it out.

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3 Responses to Quiz plugin v 1.1

  1. max says:

    Bug, or am I doing something wrong? I enter a custom quiz question and answer for a new post, but only the default question and answer in the plugin settings is displayed. I’ve tried on multiple new posts and each time the default q & a is displayed on the post. I see that a few other users have commented on this problem at WP.org but there has been no resolution. Please help, because I’d really like to use the newer version of the plugin. I’m fairly experienced with using plugins. I’m using WP 2.7.1 on a new install with no other plugins activated. Thanks!

    • Stephen says:

      Seems to be a rare bug — I’ll definitely check into it though.

      Question: Does it happen if all other plugins are turned off? Step one is “rule out conflicts”….

  2. max says:

    Yes, the problem occurs without any other plugins turned on. I actually tried it on a fresh WP 2.7.1. install with no plugins in the plugin folder other than Quiz. Still, the problem of the default question over riding the custom post question occurs.

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