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JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.2 for WordPress

I just uploaded the new version 2.2 of my JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin for WordPress. Improvements: German translation (Danke Mattias… or is it “Dank“?) Updated the .po files for people creating or updating translations Improvements to how the system handles changes … Continue reading

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Hit a Moving Target in your WordPress Plugin

In recent changes to WordPress code, users are more than ever able to customize folder and file locations. [Edit: Refers to WordPress 2.6] The wp-config.php file can now be located one directory up from the one containing WordPress. The wp-content … Continue reading

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Chrome Rocks

Just trying out Google’s new browser, Chrome. The admin back end for WordPress (that is, the page I’m working on as I type this) is blazingly fast running on Chrome. Faster than Firefox, IE or Safari — as in: No … Continue reading

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