JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.2 for WordPress

I just uploaded the new version 2.2 of my JavaScript Pull-Quotes plugin for WordPress.


  • German translation (Danke Mattias… or is it “Dank“?)
  • Updated the .po files for people creating or updating translations
  • Improvements to how the system handles changes to the contents of the “styles” folder.
  • A menu icon for those using Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu plugin

…plus the usual regimen of minor code improvements here and there.

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6 Responses to JavaScript Pull-Quotes 2.2 for WordPress

  1. EarlMobile says:

    Thanks for the notification!

    “Danke” is ok… 😉


  2. Hi Stephen,

    thanks for the great plugin. Installed it today, and it works great. Except… it does not seem to render Umlauts, such as Ä / Ä etc. whether i type them in directly as an Umlaut or use the html code. Itd be very cool if you could help me out here.

  3. Stephen says:

    Georg — I’ll check into it. Do you mean pull-quotes from text within <!– comments –> or regular pull-quotes?

  4. ershad says:

    nice plugin !thanks

  5. Judebert says:

    I would like to use your JavaScript in another application. I see a copyright, but no license. May I use and modify your JavaScript?

  6. Stephen says:

    Judebert — Sorry for the slow response. In short: go for it.

    If you’d like to use the script in a different context, I suggest you look at the versions that are unburdened with all the WordPress plugin rigamarole. Check out the Troubleshooting section of the main plugin page for links to the original script at another site, or an early pre-plugin modification of mine.

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