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Note: This page is now obsolete, as the original plugin has been updated significantly. Go get it at http://txfx.net/.

There is an excellent WordPress plugin for allowing readers to subscribe to comments on a post. It is not my work: it was created by Mark Jaquith and Jennifer (a.k.a. ScriptyGoddess).

The only problem is that it requires you to install files into the root WordPress files, whereas plugins are recommended to be designed in such a way that all such files go into the Plugins directory.

Thus, this is my edited version that places all of the files properly in the Plugins directory. The current version is 2.0.8. (Requires WordPress 2 or higher).

You can download it here.

I have contacted the creator and suggested he incorporate these fairly straightforward changes into the original plugin. Until that happens, this page is simply here for anybody else who wants this improvement.

3 Responses to WordPress Plugin: Subscribe to Comments

  1. Mark Jaquith says:

    Got your recent e-mail, and have downloaded the edited version. It is my goal to move everything into one file for STC 2.1, the next major version, so hopefully your changes will help me do that. Thanks!

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  3. Robin Wiser says:

    That’s a great improvement. It’s useful to no any code experiences wordpress users.

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