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Virtual Multibug

I received a comment recently tipping me off to a bug in my Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress. In certain cases, the system will show one particular blog no matter which address you go to. If you’re having this problem … Continue reading

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Chrome Rocks

Just trying out Google’s new browser, Chrome. The admin back end for WordPress (that is, the page I’m working on as I type this) is blazingly fast running on Chrome. Faster than Firefox, IE or Safari — as in: No … Continue reading

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Consolidate Options with Arrays in your WordPress Plugins

If you’ve ever written a plugin for WordPress you’ve probably dealt with giving the end user options. Unless you’ve taken the low road and forced the user to directly edit the plugin file, “options” means a Settings screen in the … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog and WordPress 2.6

This is an important note to anyone using my Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress: WordPress version 2.6 is going to be released very soon. Until I have had time to test Virtual Multiblog on WP 2.6, I recommend that you … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog v2.3 for WordPress

I’ve released a new version of the Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress. Version 2.3 is mostly under-the-hood improvements, but it might fix some of the issues people have. Additionally, I’ve made a few updates so it fits more seamlessly within … Continue reading

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There’s a Hole in the %&*#^! Bucket

Ultimately, the thing that I absolutely cannot fucking stand about Windows is that every time I try to fix something, especially remotely, it turns into an infinite regression To fix A, I have to first fix B. To fix B, … Continue reading

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Virtual Multiblog 2.2

New version of Virtual Multiblog is up! Version 2.2 has a number of under the hood changes and bug fixes. It also includes an improved and clarified ReadMe, so if you’ve had problems, give it a look. NOTE TO UPGRADERS: … Continue reading

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Tags vs. Categories

A question that comes up in blogging circles from time to time is what the difference is between Comments and Tags. Most blogging software allows you to mark posts with both, and the distinction is often times not clear. I … Continue reading

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