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Virtual Multiblog — how to use unique headers on blogs running the same theme

One of the most common questions I get regarding the Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress comes from people wanting to have multiple blogs running on the same theme, but with a different header for each blog. It can be done, … Continue reading

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New WordPress Plugin: Log Deprecated Calls

New plugin for Y’all. This one is of particular interest to plugin authors and theme designers (and… nobody else). Activate it, and any time WordPress calls a function or file that has been deprecated, a message will be sent to … Continue reading

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Winna Winna Winna!

Look, Ma, I won somethin’! Hmmm… “1 Theme of Choice from Blogalized.com“. Not too bad. I’ve been thinking about maybe sprucing the place up a bit….

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Paged Comments for WordPress “Sandbox” Theme

The page for my Virtual Multiblog system has grown to contain over 200 comments, which, while gratifying, makes for a long load time and a lot of scrolling. Yesterday, I noticed on Ozh’s web site that he has paged comments, … Continue reading

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