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Add New Headers to WordPress Plugins or Themes

I’ve had a few patches committed to WordPress core in the last few versions, and have sadly neglected to do writeups about them so that others could take advantage of the new features. I hope to remedy that in the … Continue reading

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Consolidate Options with Arrays in your WordPress Plugins

If you’ve ever written a plugin for WordPress you’ve probably dealt with giving the end user options. Unless you’ve taken the low road and forced the user to directly edit the plugin file, “options” means a Settings screen in the … Continue reading

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Give your WordPress plugin credit without cluttering the GUI

In a previous post I discussed the idea of locating your plugin’s Settings screen where it made sense within the Admin menus — giving an example of my own pull-quotes plugin’s Settings going under the Design menu. I briefly touched … Continue reading

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Use Action Links to direct users straight to your WordPress plugin’s admin page

I’ve recently come across repeated discussions (especially on the wp-hackers mailing list) debating where plugin authors should place their custom admin pages. I discussed that question directly in my previous post, and basically stated that the plugin’s admin page can … Continue reading

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