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Incidentally, you probably won't find a lot of one-star books reviewed on this page, because I won't review a book I didn't finish; and I generally don't bother to finish a real dog of a book.

Ratings Are:
5 Stars
Highly Recommended
4 Stars
3 Stars
A Good Read
2 Stars
1 Star

Anno Dracula — Kim Newman 5 Stars
A Canticle for Leibowitz — Walter M. Miller, Jr. 4 Stars
Days of Cain — J. R. Dunn 4 Stars
The First Immortal — James L. Halperin 2 Stars
Flowers for Algernon — Daniel Keyes 5 Stars
The Guns of the South — Harry Turtledove 5 Stars
Hyperion / The Fall of Hyperion — Dan Simmons 4 Stars
Mordant's Need — Stephen R. Donaldson 4 Stars
Newton's Cannon — J. Gregory Keyes 3 Stars
On Basilisk Station — David Weber 3 Stars
Red Dragon — Thomas Harris 3 Stars
The Stand — Stephen King 3 Stars
Tarzan of the Apes — Edgar Rice Burroughs 3 Stars
Virtual Light — William Gibson 2 Stars

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