Striderweb Presents:

If I Had A Sense of Shame

a.k.a. "The Clinton Song"

(Sung to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain")

Copyright © 2000, 2001 by Stephen Rider

I would spend my time in foyers,
consulting with my lawyers
Avoidance is the aim....
After each duck-and-cover
I would find another lover
'Cuz I've got no sense of shame.

Well, we've got support from Rosie,
Geraldo, I suppos-ie,
and others just as lame.
I would stop what I'm doin'
get a life beyond the screwin'
if I had a sense of shame.

Oh I could tell a lie
That be-comes perjury.
We could claim it's all a big conspiracy.
And cover up, with Hillary.

When the office I've vacated,
I'll be more than elated
If Gore can clear my name.
If I don't get that pardon
I'll be talking to the warden
'Cuz I've got no sense of shame.

(By the way... I'm well aware that "foyer" is pronounced 'foy-yay", but you try rhyming "lawyer" without cheating just a bit....)

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